Monday, January 26, 2009

Settling into Naples

The adventure of adapting to a new place, especially in a different country is simultaneously taxing and exhilarating; sobering and joyful; confusing and enlightening. We have been here for 25 days now -- though it feels much longer. We think we've settled on a house, are helping the kids settle into their new schools, and trying to be the intrepid, world-travelling family, braving the public transit and confusing labyrinthine streets of Naples. Here are some recent shots to give you a taste of our experiences.
They are from top to bottom -- Emily at the Archeological Museum taking a benediction from a statue of Athena (I believe), Quinn taking in the scrappy soccer game out of the frame while the majestic view from the park in Pozzuoli stretches behind him, "Mommy, is this a buttercup?" asks Lily while Jon takes in the same view behind her, me and the three in Naples' famous "Christmas Alley," where beautiful nativities are made.

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