Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Redux

After long week of rain that ranged from drizzle to downpour, Saturday arrived with a reprieve of pink tinged tufts instead of thunder . . . we hoofed it down to the market (all downhill to the port) to gather the following:
Pears and apples are what still remain from last week's haul.  The salted baccala is already soaking for cooking on Monday (or maybe Tuesday, depending).  I wish I had a shot of the signora of Pozzuoli who gave me that wonderful twist of the wrist with finger in her cheek that means "It's really delicious."  Hope to post a shot of the baccala when cooked.  Ciao and happy Saturday to all. 


MuseBootsi said...

My husband loves baccala! I hope you post a recipe.

Valerie said...

It all looks very inviting. Can you post some photos of the market and the port?