Monday, February 8, 2010

Post Birthday Determination

I've scuttled a year of blog possibilities in Italy this year. And I'm kicking myself. But it's time to move forward and recommit to this venture. A quick recoup of the year in travels since we arrived in Naples in January '09. I'm limiting myself to a single picture from each destination. But this overlooks so much and so many other occasions -- wonderful visits, local adventures, and mundanities. Yet I'm using this as a way of wiping the slate clean so I can lurch forward, and make room for such reveries and musings as this new year begins. Quaranta sette: bring it on!
Germany (March '09)

Croatia (July '09)

Crete (October '09)

Rome (October '09)

Florence (November '09)

Padua/Euganean Hills (December '09)

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