Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainy Day: in and out

The day started with some determined organizational urges.  I want to jettison all, um realistically, most of the ugly plastic tubs we are using for storage. Even though we sent a good half of our things to storage before we left Virginia,  we still brought too much.  No basement + no garage + no attic = no storage.  We don't even have an extra room.  For this packrat, especially this crafty packrat, it's been challenging.  Here's a photo of my effort to go from six plastic tubs of fabric to three.  I put a good many pieces in the donation pile . . . m-u-s-t n-o-t r-e-v-i-s-i-t t-h-o-s-e d-e-c-i-s-i-o-n-s. I've controlled myself thus far.

After destashing and a few loads of laundry using my trusty, squeaky dryer (oh the indulgence of that in this land of clothes lines), cabin fever started to set in.  Everyone bundled up and we headed for the Pozzuoli waterfront.  Pozzuoli has two waterfronts: one is the harbor area which curves round Pozzuoli bay and the other is a straight rocky stretch with an esplanade seen in the below photo.

We usually gravitate to the more convivial and commercial alleys and streets of the harbor, but today we turned decided to brave the wind on the esplanade.  Thus, you find us storm tossed; Monte de Procida providing a scenic backdrop. Emily, taken with the evocative view, didn't hear the call for a quick shot.

All good outings end at a cafe. On this afternoon, we took uncertain shelter under a cafe awning for sodas (or cafe macchiato in my case) and a plate of nibbles.  Lily had brought Flora with her as you can see below.  Can you believe that accident prone doll had another mishap?! This time she plunged into a puddle.  Thankfully, she's recovered nicely.

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