Saturday, March 6, 2010


Tübingen's town center teems with great shops, but this seemingly endless toy store with room after room of toys epitomized how Germans KNOW HOW TO DO TOYS.
Seasonal tchotchkes in a felicitous presentation!

Smurfs and more smurfs . . .

Super soft stuffed toys in whimsical clothes . . . what's not to like?

Emily hams it up with a giraffe . . .

Quinn's chagrin that the Lego lollapalooza behind him cannot yield Xmas or birthday presents today.
The wonderful dolly hutch

Devilish fun!

I'm a complete sucker for wooden toys.

Ballerinas to the left of me, Pippi Longstocking to the right . . .

And this magnificent children's section in one of the local bookstores . . . and that was only the half of it!
Auf wiedersehen von Deutschland!


Reva said...

Fantastic....I love those wooden toys, too

Erzulimojo said...

Hi Rev! Thanks for reading my German posts . . . and poignantly our boys are mostly beyond wooden toys . . . though Quinn spent quite some time with the wooden marble slides at the shop.