Sunday, March 14, 2010

What followed me home today.

This morning I coaxed Jon into accompanying me to the flea market.  My usual companion was off flitting around Paris for her 10th wedding anniversary.  That hussy was probably at the Paris flea market without me! So I wasn't being unfaithful.*

We got there about 9:30 which many of you will know is mid afternoon in flea market time.  It was a beautiful day so the place was packed with vendors and customers.  We went down our favorite aisle which has little garage-like interiors that established vendors have staked out.  I bought a very few trinkets at my favorite trinket booth -- pickings were slim today, and I didn't feel like digging through his big boxes of leavings.  These were all in one little box.  I love the cherry charm, and I've already embellished the oak leaf broach with a faceted yellow jade briolette (though not permanently as I might want to replace it with a green stone).  The ornamented coin item has a bezel for a dangle.  How could I resist?

Then we happened upon a very brusque character selling a stack of matted etchings for 1 euro each.  We chose three of them, including a Venetian canal scene, a street scene, and what looks like the Plaza Populare in Naples -- but I wouldn't swear to it.

My purchase of the day was this English footed bowl. It's marked J.H.W. & Sons Royal Falcon Ware.  I believe it's Staffordshire china.  I had almost bought it a few weeks back, but had already gone over my (very small) limit.  But there it was, sitting cheerfully in front as if it had been waiting for me these many weeks.  I almost kissed it -- but had to pretend that we had never met before so as not to ruin my bartering stance.  I sweet talked the chatty gentleman down to one third the first asking price.  Huzzah!  It's very 1920s . . . maybe out of a scene from Carrington.

The last item to climb aboard was a faux bois pitcher.  I don't have any other faux bois, but the colors sang out to me . . . I love a green earthy palette.  And I knew it would match these Bulgarian pottery plates that Jon brought back from Sofia several months ago.  I think I did pretty well on the color recall, don't you?

* Please come home, M! You never ask me what I spent or hurry me.

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Reva said...

cool finds. the footed bowl is a lot of fun...and the pitcher is wild (and yes, a good match).