Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another day, some more postings

A day that begins with a magic show can't be all bad! Lily, my youngest, is in afternoon kindergarten . . . so if there's a morning assembly, the afternoon students are invited to come with a parent. Today's assembly was magician Joe Romano -- and to be honest, he was pretty good. I was sitting along the side, towards the front . . . and I couldn't see how he was doing it -- including getting a kid's shoe inside a box that had been in the back of the room for the whole show! LILY was completely enchanted. What can I say -- unlike her older brother and sister -- she's a ham. She raised her hand and waved it for every call for volunteers. It was great. Brought a little friend of hers home for playdate . . . and then I went to town taking photos of etsy things. Here's a revised necklace -- I changed the gemstones and the composition and relisted it and also revised my turquoise and coral necklace -- it needed some smaller transitional silver beads between the chunky silver ones and the coral. I hope the people who have marked it as favorite approve!

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