Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A fresh start

Everything's up in the air -- what a time to start a blog. We've just gotten through ten trying months as a family -- DH deployed and the rest of us navigating life as a single-parent family. I think our three kids and I have done pretty well, considering. And we are getting ready for more changes with the possibility of a move overseas . . . something we are eager to embrace. Nothing is certain yet . . . but when it is, I will begin writing about it.
Meanwhile, I'm working on my etsy site and just registered two DOTCOMS for myself. One, erzulimojo.com for my etsy site, and well, I couldn't resist since it was available. I want to upload some pictures of my etsy jewelry . . . some of my latest pieces . . . it's fun to think this can be another launching pad.
If all goes as we hope, there will so many exciting events and challenges to record here. Readers . . . I hope you come back.

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